A Saturday off in the country…

As you may have noticed, Brandi and I have been hard at work behind the scenes working on all the details that tend to get put on the back burner during the busy wedding season. One of those items was a re-design to the blog. We’re still in the process of getting it exactly like we want it, but we’re super happy with how it is looking. We were blessed with an extremely busy wedding season last year and fell behind on our blog posting.  One of our many business goals for this year was to not only get caught up on (and stay caught up on!) our client blog posting but to also start blogging a bit about what’s going on in our personal lives as well so you all can get to know us a bit better. So, from time to time, we’ll be posting about things going on with us at the studio, adventures we go on together (we’ve lost count of how many times we went to Texas for business last year), and fun times with our friends and family.  I’m getting the ball rolling with this post!

Saturday was a rare, and lovely, day off from work.  Those of you who have jobs that requires weekend work know just how delightful weekend days off are and I was fortunate to have one this weekend.  A friend of mine was having a barn sale out in the country so my daughters and I picked up my Mom and we had a girls day out for a little shopping and fun. The barn sale was at Keriel Dairy outside of Whitewater.  The barn looked so cute decked out with all the wares from the many different vendors. There were such a neat variety of items available–maple syrup, candles, antiques, jewelry and so many hand crafted items.  I was thrilled to find some tiny little benches and a vintage enamel pot (pictured below) that will make great props at the studio for our wee little clients. In addition to all the great products available for purchase, there was a fabulous meal available that we enjoyed which included some absolutely delicious pulled pork barbecue sandwiches and incredible cupcakes–the chocolate with coconut frosting was our favorite. Yum!

Although I grew up outside of a small town (country by city standards) and my children attend a country school, we are clearly city folk as evidenced by an exchange between my daughter and her friend.  I asked my daughter to go put some of my purchases in the car and she asked for my keys. Her friend stopped and looked at her and said incredulously, “You locked your car?!” Funny the little differences between country and city life 🙂

Here are some highlights from our day trip to the country!


Blog Collage-1396903685638Blog Collage-1396907290914Blog Collage-1396904021685


The last photo features my daughters pointedly ignoring me.  I guess when you have a photographer for a Mom the novelty of having your photo taken wears off quickly at an early age. Thankfully my Mom was a more willing subject 🙂


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  • Awww Amy I love your post! I’m so glad you ladies had a great time! Thank you so much for coming out.

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